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What I Want Journal | Gratitude Journal | Affirmation Journal | Journal for Women

What I Want Journal | Gratitude Journal | Affirmation Journal | Journal for Women

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What “I” Want A Journal for women who are ready to put themselves first: 30 Days of DreaminManifestingSpeakingWriting your wants into existence. This journal is made for women who are ready to put themselves first no longer the back seat to life.


When it comes to affirmations, self-healing, faith walk it all can seem overwhelming often and these acts of self love get shut down before you can manifest them into existence. Angela’s mission for this journal is for you to break the boundaries of dreaming bigger for yourself, your family, and your friends that are attached to your life.

Each week includes:

  • Week 1: Relationships: what do you desire your relationships to flourish and blossom into a year from now? God-Self love-Family-Friends-Spouse-Chidren-Chosen Family
  • Week 2: Business/Career what about a business do you want to grow and service and bless your clients and employers that would make your heart leap for joy? Carrer-Gifts-Goals-Core value-Partnership & Collaborations-Retirement
  • Week 3: Money Who needs more money and knows what to do with it when you get it? Mindset-Giving-Abundance-Experiences-Seeking Advice-Management-Investments.
  • Week 4: Health What would it look like to have healthy habits that allowed for you to no longer take medications or be overweight with more energy to enjoy life? Money-Physcial Health-Image-Love-Therapy-Sleep-Eat Well-Joy-All about the Journey What would it look like to have
  • Scripture: -Inspiring Bible verse to meditate on throughout your week, giving you time to memorize it into your heart mind and soul.

Let’s play a game the will let you know if this journal is made for you. Answer these questions in truth and be honest with yourself.

How to play is: Ask yourself the statement “never have I ever loved someone” and if this statement applies to you then you agree and raise your hand, and if it doesn't apply you don't raise your hand and move on to the next question.

  • Never have I ever: fell in love and been hurt in the process.
  • Never have I ever: cried in the show because life was just too hard at that moment.
  • Never have I ever: lost my faith and didn't know how I was going to make it.
  • Never have I ever: put others first only to find out I can not serve others from an empty cup.
  • Never have I ever: let myself down by not acting on my dreams and God given desires.
  • Never have I ever: been tired of not trusting God and believing that nothing happens to me but everything happens for me.
  • Never have I ever: suffered in silence from gilt, pain, shame, lack
  • Never have I ever: felt inadequate or not worthy to receive gifts from God.
  • Never have I ever: felt like the spirit of lack was resting on my back trying to get a free ride.

A generous 7 x 10 trim size with plenty of space to write


SIZE 7x1


How to use

Example:  When I first started praying about making vacations a normal part of my life I never thought I would be able to really take trips 2 to 3 times a month. I am so happy and grateful that I have been doing this for over a year now, and still feel the tingling sensation every time I step foot off the plane in a new country or city. I am so grateful that I get to see the world with a new mindset. Thank you Jesus for another great trip. The beach is my place where I feel the most joy at any given time.

Think of a sacred place that brings you joy, a place you can go to at any time. Being able to channel this often will be one of your tools to successfully make the best out of these next 30 days.

Always remember the feeling you get when the warmth of joy floods in, how you feel when you are there, this is how you want to feel as often as possible. Purposefully seek this feeling when you're writing. Be intentional in all your ways, so much so that you are aligned with the will that God has for you. This is the way for all that you are envisioning to come into fruition. The goal is to be, do, or have what you want according to Gods will for you life ; wealth, health, giving back, love, all of this and more.


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How to Get What "You" Want

A soul that craves but lacks diligence will find nothing, but the diligent soul will find itself richly supplied. God has a plan for our lives, but it is our responsibility to work hard and persevere towards our goals. Discipline, hard work, and perseverance are key ingredients to achieving our desires in life.

A 30 Day Journey

Dream, Manifest, Speak & Write your WANTS into existence.

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